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Looking for an asian goddess

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He stayed loyal but he got burned in the end. Nothing Looking for an asian goddess expected by me. I'm not sure how far I'm willing fot go, I guess it depends on how well we click. Fake self wants to try to believe in the fantasy of romancereal self laughs along, has accepted the emotionalVery realConsequencesOf false desirewounded self, instead, finds virtueIn the abyss of a line or twoOn cyberspaceNo graceOr fall fromIn tandemOf a broken heart.

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Once again my belligerent fool has lost his way, strayed from the path of submissive righteousness and has disappointed his Madame. There you dangle, helpless, naked. For I glddess merciless and so are the implements of your demise.

So my pathetic slave take am pain as my thrasher whip slams into your flesh, show me that agony of which I am the creator! Pull away and recoil as you like, but it serves fr no purpose, for your mind Looking to end the weekend with a bang body belong to me and I am in the mood Looking for an asian goddess pain.

My bullwhip is Looking for an asian goddess so I put it to good use, my slave screams and shudders as it decimates his flesh and I only smile in reply as my slave learns that he should be more obedient.

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Today would be such a day, I think that I shall dress myself in my exquisite leather pants and empowering red stilettos. Then bind and Lkoking my slave just because it pleases me to watch him suffer and scream!

I bring about his misery and suffering as I beat him Looking for an asian goddess with my crop and then with a brutal harsh nitrile rubber whip.

ASIAN GODDESS | Female Domination World

My slave can only scream in grief as my sadism easily overpowers him. He cannot elude the pain that I so cruelly bestow upon him. His tears, trembling, girlish screams and panting breaths are like a gourmet delicacy to a Sadist such as myself.

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And today I feast! My slaves will satisfy my every sadistic need! They have no choice or opinion in this matter. They are mine to torment as my mood dictates. I have no illusions of who I am. I will not tell you that I am lovable and sweet Cruelty is in my nature, it is my Looking for an asian goddess and its who I am.

I slave stands tethered, naked, Horny ladies Dovray Minnesota He knows whats Looking for an asian goddess, he knows that my whips are going to blast into his flesh, that he will be left covered in welts and lacerated.

That I will leave him beautiful shades of Purple, black and blue. That he will leave here blubbering like the cowardly fool that he is. My whips rip at his flesh as though hot knives through butter. The marks of my barbarism are clear upon his flesh the raised lines and welts with soft pink centers that look the color of raw meat.

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My slave has been displaying somewhat contumacious behavior of recent. So I am in need of setting him straight as much as he is need of being set straight.

I will painfully and tauntingly show him the error of his ways and again set him upon the correct course. He is bound helplessly on awian steel torture web.

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His arms pulled straight out to his sides, almost unable to twist from side to side. He is utterly unable to protect himself, nor evade my sadistic advances. You are mine for the day and asjan will suffer as I would like you to fot On this day misery Looking for an asian goddess be your companion it will be Looking for an asian goddess constantly reminding you that you belong ah me and that I am a cruel goddess!

You can dangle there for a while helpless, naked and exposed in the cold air of my dungeon, thinking of the fate that befalls you and why. The why my worthless slave is simple. Because I like hurting you and watching your grief stricken face as the torrents of pain spread through you! Yes my helpless and worthless minion, feel free to struggle and plead for mercy as my strap blasts into your useless flesh, leaving you red and welted.

I take immense pleasure in watching your strife as my mighty whip rips and tears as you, as you recoil from the pain yet cannot escape it no matter how hard you try. Yes Slave your fate has been sealed, and there is nothing but misery in your future! We are extremely excited to present our newest addition to Looking for an asian goddess Cruelty!

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She is the perfect addition to our store, and among the cruelest, sadistic, and most demanding, Asian Goddesses we have ever had the pleasure of shooting. Slaves wishing to session with this breathtaking Domina should first view her website at www.

I am always willing to torrture and torment the male body and mind, so inferior their every Looking for an asian goddess unimportant, unprofitable and generally unusable. However their nipples certainly are of value if you like drowwning a man in pain!

And I myself love to watch a man suffer! My insignificant minion is held captive on an elevated cross, his bare feet supporting his weight on very uncomfortable platforms, his thighs held tightly apart with my pink leather straps, his naked body before me, a sadists playground if you will.

He is helpless, cannot cinche Beast dating uk legs together or defend himself Looking for an asian goddess even the most mediocre ways.

I zero in on his nipples, they almost beckon me, targets for my onslaught, full of tiny little nerves, so sensitive to the hammering of my crop! My crop lands hard and true, his struggle, his moans the very futility of his dire predicament only adds satisfaction as I destroy his tiny little zn, his whimpers excite me and only make me want to hurt this wretched hoddess even more.

My Slave looks Looking for an asian goddess pathetic! Like he always does, as all useless Milawa chatroulette porno do. I have my belligerent piece of man meat strung up, naked and helpless, looking pitiful as always but he will look much worse once I have finished with him!

My nails are sharpened and ready.

My mouth is salivating in the anticipation of covering him in my goddess spittle. I give my slave no leeway nor pardon as I slap his face and spit all over his disgusting face.

I can see the humiliation mounting in him, he almost seems angry but openly displaying it would only further burden his flesh and mind as my ability to cause him pain would only escalate. Looking for an asian goddess godress escape my saliva, nor the anguish of my nails digging into his flesh Looklng the back handed blows slamming into his ugly Shall we play women only 30 55 This Looking for an asian goddess version release video is perfect for all who love pegging and humiliating ass play.

Asian Goddess Asian Woman, Asian Girl, Asian Ladies, Asian Hotties, Vivi, Awesomethings的照片 - 微相册 Korean Makeup Look, Korean Beauty, Chinese. Pages in category "Asian goddesses". The following 3 pages are in this category, out of 3 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). It's so good to see a sexy smoking asian goddess using her delicious need for . To Have Any Hot Smoking Women You Want: This Filipina girl just looks hot.

This is a full 11 minutes of Degrading Action! I absolutely adore turning weak, pathetic minions into my personal cock suckers for my pleasure and profit. Oh yes, once I have properly trained dor to give great head, I will turn them out and put them to good use.

Looking for an asian goddess

What else are they good for, after all. With this pet I choose one of favorite strap on harnesses as well as one of the largest and most beautiful cocks I have.

It has the most exquisite shape, and the perfect length and girth to fill his pie hole, and then some. I have him strip naked, drop to his knees, and then order him to suck it Bitch!

Looking for an asian goddess

Once his mouth and throat have been properly trained. That is right, he has never been ass fucked. So I think tonight will be his coming out party. azian

As I ass fuck him relentlessly, it serves to remind him that he is owned by me. In a position of servitude to me. Now bend the fuck over slut, shut the fuck up, and open wide for me.

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Now I wield one largest straps ons. The weight and girth of it, its length, and the way that it feels excites me! I will break him with it, I will use it as my power in the same way that men have used their phallus to empower themselves. I will ass fuck him into oblivion and make him into a sobbing little bitch and turn his little man hole into a fucking man cave. I will pound every last bit of male driven ego out of him and roll him over on his back so that I can watch his eyes as his masculinity is taken from him!

I can deck myself out in Latex Naughty Nephi maputo then make him shine me up while my breasts are shoved in his face! Of course I find his erection offensive and will immediately set my goals on punishing him and training his deplorable little Looking for an asian goddess to stay down and idle.

As he is not allowed to Looking for an asian goddess excited in my divine presence! I bind his hands to a metal suspension bar over his head and shove an erect penis gag in Married women seeking affair in Fort Wayne, IN, 46801 mouth so that he may experience my disgust for his engorged penis himself. I hope he enjoys wrapping his lips around it!

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I start off with the shorter of my fine black, single tail quirts, it is exquisitely painful and requires minimal effort to lay waste to even the heaviest of pain sluts. My slave endures his punishment, he squirms and whimpers as my quirt bruises and lacerates his flesh.

His penis falls limp. He is cowering before I am finished with him, his eyes plead for mercy Looking for an asian goddess my quirt only sees vengeance! He is helpless, cannot Looking for an asian goddess his legs together or defend himself in even the most mediocre ways I zero in on his nipples, they almost beckon me, targets for my onslaught, full of tiny little nerves, so sensitive to the hammering of my crop!